Best place for summer holidays

Summer Holidays in Galudih

Summer is the longest season in India,  just after spring it is full of brightness everywhere flowers are blooming, birds are singing and gradually the weather become more and more hot , the scorching heat is just unbearable. Under the roof of your house become the only safe and soothing destination for you. The heatwaves compelled to close the school and even colleges sometime. People are looking for a pleasant destination to get the relieves atleast for a few days. Galudih is one such beautiful hideout from this scorching heat of summer.

Galudih is a small hill town under Ghatshila Subdivision in the state of Jharkhand. This beautiful place offers you dense forest ,river and mountains altogether.  So when your room becomes your world in this summer just pack your luggage and book a train from howrah to reach this awesome place named galudih.  The freshness and beauty of this place will definitely give you a refreshment.

You can take a breath of this pollution free air far from your crowded city life. In Galudih you can book the guest house where you will able experience all the modern amenities in the lap of nature.The dense forest with various trees like shal , piyal ,mahua covered the entire hill town and Subarnarekha river is flowing between this forest and hill. The breezy wind and natural beauty ismesmerizing and willgive you a refreshment in this summer. There are some places around galudih which you can visit while staying here. Dalma hills, Dassam Falls,  Dimnalake , Ratmohona, Jubilee Park are some beautiful places nearby Galudih which you can visit.  The Subarnarekha river side is such a beautiful view and then you can visit the famous  Chinnamasta Temple and offer your prayer. So altogether Galudih is the best place to visit in this summer for a quick short trip.

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