Have you seen the Full Moon? Have you seen the blooming flowers? Have you seen the dew drops on the grass? Have you smelt the fragrance of soil? Have you feel the gentle wind blowing through your face? If you want to experience all those in one frame come to “BANABITHI”, Galudih, in the state of Jharkhand, a land of “Laal Maati”, saal, piyal and mohua. The word ‘Jharkhand’ connotes ‘area of land covered with dense forests and lofty Hills’ is a thrilling experience that you’ve got to try at least once!

In weekend or have managed or theft some time for you, lose yourself in the laps of nature by staying into BANABITHI in full moon, behold the open green field, forest and high hill and on its feet “Subarnarekha” flowing between hilly & rocky terrain with patches of human habitants, painting an awesome landscape with undulating forested area and you could easily discover or imagine how the sweet moonlight sleeps upon its bank, if you sit in the room with your loves one, let the sounds of music creep in your ears, soft stillness and the night will passes of sweet harmony. Look how the floor of heaven come before you with bright
gold where various sounds of insects at its own motion feel like an angel sings in immortal souls. Just before dawn the moonlight disappears gradually down the hills and you will be let in deep sleep…. read more

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