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Banabithi - A Nice Guest House in Galudih

You will awake at the morning by listening the chanting of the sweets melody of so many known and unknown birds and the serviceman of Banabithi will knock the door for serving you Bed Tea.

If you are nature lover then a dark jungle will be the thrilling experience. Some animals found in the canopy are the owl, harpy eagle, reptiles, and other birds. There are lots of things to explore, various ethnic groups such as Munda, Oraon, Ho, Santhal, Paharia, Chero, Birjea, Asura, passes their night by flock of tribal dances with their traditional musical hands. Uncover the mysteries of the wonderful dark forest and allow nature to impress you, for a never before experienced!

GALUDIH a small village and beautiful tourist destination in Purba Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand, having an attraction of all ages due its geographical location between two mountain ranges with the Subarnarekha River separating them from kissing each other. It is situated on the bank of the River Subarnarekha (the word ‘Subarnarekha’ means golden streak), you can find the rocky river flowing in between hilly & rocky terrain with patches of human habitants, painting an awesome landscape with undulating forested area. If you visit the nearing villages, you can see a lively village life with tribal engaged in their daily rituals. In all if you love nature and want to feel it from inside, is one of the best choices to stay at "Banabithi", a nice guest house you never forget.