Duarsini & Satgurum

Situated in the border region of West Bengal and Jharkhand, Duarsini is surrounded by small hills and forests inhabited by tribal people. Here you’ll find teak, sal, mahua and pial trees making Duarsini a perfect weekend getaway! If you are looking to spend your weekend amidst nature, Duarsini can be an ideal stopover.

Snatch the chance to mix with nature in Duarsini, where you will discover little peaks secured with woods. Here you see an assortment of trees like Shal, Teak, Mahua, Pial, Kusum, and Bahera. The excellence of the mountain stream Satgudum prompting the tribal towns will captivate you. The experience sitting tight for you in the backwoods will most likely make your weekend worth spending in Duarsini.

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