budget hotels in ghatshila

Budget Hotels In Ghatshila

Budget Hotels In Ghatshila

At the bank of swash Subarnarekha( The meaning is Golden Strike), Ghatshila is a beautiful place girdled by hills and timber. Ghatshila becomes veritably notorious among excursionists each over India for its natural beauty and fresh air. You can visit Ghatshila is in any season. This is one of similar places where you can witness falls, swash and the exhilaration of timber, explore the hills and enjoy the Subarnarekha river site.


Banabithi Guest house is the budget hotel in ghatshila. The guest house is actually located at Galudih many twinkles down from Ghatshila. This beautiful guest house is notorious for its own beauty; with plenitude of land area gives you the occasion to roving around and feels the amazing green nature. Although down from your home but you’ll get the uncomely experience staying at the guest house. The welcoming geste of our staff and the prompt room service will give you internal calmness so that you can enjoy your stint the stylish way possible. If you want to visit the original areas and other sightseer spots the guest house will arrange you the auto at minimal price.

Banabithi offers you the comfy bed, clean room with all possible ultramodern amenities. The food quality of our eatery is formerly praised by our guests, all the original cookery you can enjoy with your musketeers and family. You can have a campfire at night and enjoy the ethnical cotillion you can also join with them in the beat of cans and flutes.

It’s always better to bespeak your hostel in advance so that you do n’t have to face any trouble after reaching at this beautiful place. You can directly bespeak your stay at Banabithi guest house, budget hotel in ghatshila by visiting our online platform https//banabithi.com/contact/.

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